Salad day

So today I made salad.  I had a mixed green salad mix.  I pan cooked some chicken.  I found some deli ham I could have. That is actually harder than it sounds.  So many of them add soy, gluten, or even milk additives.   This one specifically on the label said gluten free, and said... Continue Reading →


So yesterday I just had leftovers. The burnt red pepper sauce was good on chicken with rice. I had the hummus with olives for lunch. I dipped mushrooms in it. Better than chips or flat bread. I tried a gluten free diet before but it didn't last long, mainly because I got tangled up in... Continue Reading →

Taking my Food with me

So I am housing sitting for my sister for a few days.  She eats super healthy, but of course there was very little in her house that I could eat.  So I packed up my salad, my rice, my quinoa pasta, my burnt red pepper sauce, my carrot soup, my fritos, my chex cereal (gluten... Continue Reading →

Burned Red Pepper Sauce

So today I made roasted red pepper sauce which of course started with red peppers.  The red peppers were not all that great in the store, but they were ok. They were better even 10 days ago but for some reason the supply here seems to have dried up.    I decided to change the... Continue Reading →

Shopping and Carrot Soup

Today I went shopping.  I got some fresh food including mushrooms, red peppers for red pepper sauce (more on that tomorrow), ginger root, and onions.  Produce was spare today and didn’t look very good.  It also was very expensive.  There are not very many good farmers markets in my area.  I also got some hummus... Continue Reading →


Thank you to everyone who read my brief postings about my struggle with eosinophiliac esophagitis. I have decided I don’t want to talk about myself all the time. I have a lot of thoughts and there is so much going on. I may get things wrong. Tell me if I do. I may rant. I... Continue Reading →

So I have to go on this extreme diet because I have  Eosinophilic Esophagitis which may or may not be related to the constant pain I have in my gut.  I thought I was doing great - no protein drink in the morning like I normally would do - they all have soy or milk in... Continue Reading →

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