Shopping and Carrot Soup

Today I went shopping.  I got some fresh food including mushrooms, red peppers for red pepper sauce (more on that tomorrow), ginger root, and onions.  Produce was spare today and didn’t look very good.  It also was very expensive.  There are not very many good farmers markets in my area.  I also got some hummus with kalamata olives (my favorite thing to have with hummus – olives!) and a so so looking cucumber.  In addition I found chex cereal is free of gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts, fish, and tomatoes! I also got some rice milk and coconut milk (coconut – not a nut!)  I’m feeling a little better about this diet after shopping.  I also found a jarred curry sauce with none of my off limit foods.  And of course there I got salad mix, which I can put chicken on.  I can also put turkey on.  So this is looking up.

I made carrot soup which is so easy and added some of the fresh ginger, but I didn’t put in enough so it is a little wimpy – not bad though.  Usually I use powdered ginger so I wasn’t sure how much to put.  Next time I will double the amount of fresh ginger I use.  Here is my carrot soup recipe I use.

5-6 medium to large carrots peeled and roughly chopped

½ medium sweet onion chopped

2 -3 cloves garlic crushed

1 Tbls olive oil (I used to use butter – no more butter for me!)

3 cups stock –use whatever you want – if you are vegetarian use vegetable or mushroom stock.  I used homemade chicken stock (super easy and cheap to make! Also healthy)

2 tsp dried ginger – next time I would probably use close to 1 Tbls fresh chopped or grated ginger (I don’t have a grater that would work for ginger so I just chopped it)

Salt to taste

Sweat the onions until soft and translucent in sauce pan. I usually put a little salt on the onions.  (Cook them on medium to low heat for 5 – 10 minutes in the olive oil until they don’t smell so oniony and are soft and change color.  Do not let them brown.) Add the garlic and ginger and cook briefly – one minute or less until you can smell the garlic.  Don’t let garlic brown.  Add carrots. Add stock and bring to a boil.  Turn down heat to medium low and cover.  Simmer for 30 minutes.  Check carrots using a fork or knife to see if they are done.  If fork pushes easily into carrots and comes out of carrots easily they are done.  You can use a blender and blend half carrots and half liquid at a time until smooth.  An easier way is to get a stick blender and blend in sauce pan until smooth.  You can also substitute dill for the ginger, or curry powder.

Tomorrow – Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

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