Taking my Food with me

So I am housing sitting for my sister for a few days.  She eats super healthy, but of course there was very little in her house that I could eat.  So I packed up my salad, my rice, my quinoa pasta, my burnt red pepper sauce, my carrot soup, my fritos, my chex cereal (gluten free!), my rice milk, my applesauce, and my sliced turkey.  I can tell I won’t be doing to much traveling.  The good thing is that my sister does have alot of fresh fruit and veggies.










I tried the jar of curry sauce with some chicken breast and rice.  It was actually very good.  It said it was mild and it was, thankfully because my gut can’t take spicy.
























Of course I did have pain after eating, but what else is new?  It tasted good.  I miss bread intensely and baked goods.  I comfort myself with handful of chex cereal.  It’s not the same.   I will look for recipes tonight and maybe try something new tomorrow – otherwise salad and leftovers!

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