So yesterday I just had leftovers. The burnt red pepper sauce was good on chicken with rice. I had the hummus with olives for lunch. I dipped mushrooms in it. Better than chips or flat bread. I tried a gluten free diet before but it didn’t last long, mainly because I got tangled up in trying to replace gluten. Rice flour, barley flour, nut flours all in different ratios – it was confusing and expensive and nothing I made came out right. This time I decided not to try and replace gluten. I am trying to focus on staples. Rice, potatoes, corn plus fruit and vegetables. I can also have meat on this elimination diet so that helps. I miss dairy more than bread at this point. I made chocolate rice pudding again only I cooked the rice in coconut milk – it was so good!

I haven’t had any change in my pain level. I have come to not expect dramatic results like I use to when I tried something new. I used to be so disappointed when I wasn’t well the next day or withing a few days. I used to cry for hours when a new medication didn’t work, or it had horrible side effects (affects? I always get that one wrong). Now I know that none of this will kill me, so it’s all just one more hurdle. One more thing to cross off my list, to say that I’ve tried. Elimination diet – check.

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