Salad day

So today I made salad.  I had a mixed green salad mix.  I pan cooked some chicken.  I found some deli ham I could have. That is actually harder than it sounds.  So many of them add soy, gluten, or even milk additives.   This one specifically on the label said gluten free, and said in the ingredients, “not from dairy source”.    I cooked 2 slices of the ham in the pan with all the drippings from the chicken breast.  I only had the bad camera phone today so the pics are really bad today.







I also cooked some sliced mushrooms in the same pan.  I got the maximum flavor out of that chicken!  I put everything over the salad greens.  It was so good.  I didn’t bother making a dressing (I’ve never been good at making dressing, and I could do without them) but it didn’t need one.  I didn’t cook the mushrooms to death so they still had alot of moisture.









I would love a sandwich like this – chicken, ham, mushrooms with mayo (which I can’t have along with the bread).  Of course bacon would have been better, but bacon is bad bad for my gut.  The deli ham is low in fat and just a few ounces warmed in the chicken pan adds a ton of flavor.

I really wanted some squash, but they aren’t in yet.  I love acorn and all the other funny shaped ones with odd names and shapes.  Maybe next week and they will start showing up in the produce section.  I like roasted squash and squash soup. Tomorrow I will try to do something with my sweet potato – there were only a few in the grocery and they so expensive so I could only get 1.

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