High in his hall th' undaunted monarch stands, And shakes his scepter, and their rage commands; Which did he not, their unresisted sway Would sweep the world before them in their way; Earth, air, and seas thro' empty space would roll, And heav'n would fly before the driving soul.

Song of the Shattering Vessels by Peter Cole

http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poem/245786 Song of the Shattering Vessels BY PETER COLE Either the world is coming together, or else the world is falling apart —      here — now — along these letters,      against the walls of every heart. Today, tomorrow, within its weather, the end or beginning’s about to start —      the world impossibly coming together      or very possibly falling... Continue Reading →

The Act of Killing

  We like to reenact the civil war.  Shooting blanks, dressing like soldiers.  Recreating battles exactly.  It's not exact though.  We are so far removed from it, we may as well be doing Macbeth.  Everyone claps at the end, applauds the actions and we all leave feeling we have done something culturally good for ourselves.... Continue Reading →

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