Breaking News. . .What the?

So they are grilling Eric Holder now (5/15/2013 noon pst) in front of some committee and it is supposed to be about the IRS scandal and the AP scandal, but every congress wants to grill him about their own pet peeves with the justice department. They have him in front of them and they are determined to hell about him about a emails relating some court case that was traded for another to avoid going to the supreme court, or the conviction of an Alabama governor over setting up a lottery. I don’t understand – they look like idiots. They look like people who just dragged the attorney general in front of them just so they could yell at him. They are getting nothing productive done. They only have 5 minutes apiece to speak. Isn’t there a better way to solve all their problems than to vent their spleens on national TV for 5 minutes under the guise of finding out the truth of a real problem at the IRS or a very real problem of spying on reporters?

See it live for yourself now

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