Rain Sculpture by Nazar Bilyk
Rain by Nazar Bilyk

Wall and Pine: The Rain


Now the god of rainy August hangs his mask
among the city’s spires and balustrades
and stone clocktowers half-effaced in clouds.
On Park the first reflecting pool dims
with a thousand smelted-silver circle-rims,
while west on Fifth a modiste scatters leaves
in fall vitrines, and felt-browed mannequins
resign the world with gestures of disdain.
Now in the Cloister’s high parterres the rain
floods copper gutterings, boxwood, terraced urns
and mottoes. “The weather turns.” Clamped to their pier,
the smiling Gaul, the murderer Clotaire,
and Isaiah, green-throned, water-cowled, exchange
their fine-lit ironies for rotes of pain.

Credits: Sculpture, Poetry

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