Keys to the City

Digital Art by Sarolta Bán Keys to the City BY RICHIE HOFMANN Didn’t rain choke the animal throats of the cathedral      sputter against the roofs of the city      didn’t the flight of stairs rise up above the cobbled street didn’t the key clamor in the lock      flood the vestibule with clattering    didn’t we climb the second flight toward the miniature Allegory... Continue Reading →


Relics Lisa Cox When shuttles Exploded We all cried and Mourned And looked for Answers Because astronauts Were heroes Eventually They canceled The space shuttle Program No one had money For space shuttle programs When the satellites Started to fall No one Worried They had Short life spans No one Could afford To send up... Continue Reading →

The House of Rest

    The House of Rest BY JULIA WARD HOWE I will build a house of rest, Square the corners every one: At each angle on his breast Shall a cherub take the sun; Rising, risen, sinking, down, Weaving day’s unequal crown. In the chambers, light as air, Shall responsive footsteps fall: Brother, sister, art... Continue Reading →

Wild Wood

May you be blessed by The deer whose Quickness and beauty Bring life to the forest May you be blessed by The owl whose Silent flight and vision Make the forest safe at night May you blessed by The fox whose Cunning and knowledge of trails May lead you out one day May you be... Continue Reading →

Charles Darwin

  “The earthquake, however, must be to every one a most impressive event: the earth, considered from our earliest childhood as the type of solidity, has oscillated like a thin crust beneath our feet; and in seeing the laboured works of man in a moment overthrown, we feel the insignificance of his boasted power.” ―... Continue Reading →


More Art by Grégoire A. Meyer  America we haveBeen shatteredBut we don’t seemTo know it yetWe still go toWorkRaise childrenTurn on ourTap and getClean waterFlip a switchAnd turn on The lightsWatch cable TVBut we are shatteredWe sent a generationOf men and womenTo fight in desertsAcross the worldAnd so many of themCame back brokenAnd so many of themAre... Continue Reading →

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