A Street Photographer of 19th Century London

Photographer: John Thomson The “Crawlers” [Street Life in London] 1877 Woodburytype London School of Economics – Digital Library

The Poor


The poor are many
and so—
impossible to forget.

No doubt,
as day breaks,
they see the buildings
where they wish
they could live with their children.

can steady the coffin
of a constellation on their shoulders.
They can wreck
the air like furious birds,
blocking out the sun.

But not knowing these gifts,
they enter and exit through mirrors of blood,
walking and dying slowly.

And so,
one cannot forget them.


Photography Link, Poetry Link


    • I couldn’t stop looking at the expression on her face, and what killed my was what the photographer labeled it – “crawlers”. Maybe its some sort of vernacular, but I can’t find any reasonable meaning in the english language that forgives that.


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