Something I Need to Say

Dear People who come to my Blog –

I am going to do something I said I was never going to do. I was looking at a tumblr I came across and it had a message on it suggesting that the author had either committed suicide or starved herself to death. So I am going to write to the people least likely to ever read this – young women who are obsessed with being thin. I need to say something, anything.

This is going to sound harsh, but I need to say this to you. This Tumblr I found is filled with pictures of legs – it is filled with pictures of legs because you believe that having your thighs that don’t touch is a sign that you are skinny enough. That this is an accomplishment. Here is one picture. It is not physically possible for the majority of women to have their thighs not touch, not matter how much weight they lose. Do you understand that for most of you the only time you thighs will not touch is when you are a skeleton?



Do you know who the most beautiful woman in the world is? It’s not who you think it is. Mona Lisa. Go to any country of the world, no matter what language they speak and they will understand when you say Mona Lisa. Her thighs touched. She was painted 600 years ago and she is still one of the most revered women in the world. It has nothing to do with her weight. It’s all about her smile.  I have spent a great deal of time looking at art. Scroll down this blog – this is only the tiniest drop in the ocean of beauty that is out there. Some of you are these people – women with imagination, creativity, sensitivity, heart, and talent that makes the world a better place and yet your obsession with your weight is robbing this world of that. Do you understand? You are a gift to this world. Your abilities to sing, write, cook, paint, write computer programs, cure cancer, be diplomats, take care of people, fight in wars to protect people, fight fires, cut hair, teach, clean up other people’s messes, be astronauts, be mothers and so much more are priceless and yet you are wasting away so that your thighs don’t touch. There are so many men out there who could care less if your thighs touch or not. If you don’t know any you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. If you are old enough move. If you are in school go sit with some other people at lunch. This world needs you, I need you. I am ending with 2 pictures from the New York fashion show. These are professional paid models and every single one of their thighs touch. I want you to be beautiful, to be smart, to be happy, but most of all to be alive.  You may not believe but I care about you, even though I don’t know you, I care about you and alot of other people do to.  Try this website  Leave me a message.  Talk to someone.  But don’t waste away.



fotoflexer_photo128 (1)


  1. I love that you have posted those pictures at the end,i’m lucky that i have a natural thigh gap due to wide hips, my Anorexia is more focused on colllar bones than having to also worry about my legs! it makes me really upset to see people post such depressing pictures, i try to keep my anorexia accounts posititve- like yours! Aimee xxx


    • I thought long and hard before I posted that one pic – I did not in any way want to glorify or edify this horrible trend. The site I saw on tmblr was truly disturbing. It started out like a normal looking art site but then it got creepier and creepier and then I saw the message. I also was very careful not to publish the web address – there is no way I want anyone who is going through this to spend time looking at that. I wanted to to say something positive to counteract what I saw. It made my heart hurt to know that so many young women are struggling with this. I think you are doing a great thing with your blog. Lisa


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