Tip of the Iceburg

Tip of the Iceberg from http://tapiture.com/kodiak

It’s What You Can’t See That Matters

Lisa Cox

On the playground
So small
Like flocks
Of birds swirling
Round and
Round they
They settled
Into lines
Ready to become
Children again
To absorb
What don’t I see?
I see the small hands
Around the
The small
I see myself
Pulling him away
I see him screaming
I see the other one
I see myself
Walking him
To the dreaded
What don’t I see?
Later when I ask
I see
I see the little boy’s
House at night
I see the door
Smashed in
And police
Rushing through
I see guns
I see his father
Hurling obscenities
At the police
As they hold him
On the ground
I see the little boy
Held by the police
Begging them
To not take his father


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