Untitled by Lorra Lee Rose Made with feathers from macaw tails, ring neck, gray peacock, impeyan, amherst and golden pheasant, peacock swords, amazon, African porcupine quills, saddle hackle


Gypsy Rose Lee by Lorra Lee Rose Using feathers from female eclectus, cameo peacock, green-cheek conure, ostrich, silver pheasant


Feather in Bas-Relief


Words without much use
now. Unable to remake
the thing. And I thought

what should I think—
followed by: spring light looks
like feathers. (Birds

seemed conveniently
decorous.) What then
does this leave I asked

& was surprised to know
so quickly—that my understanding
of what the light & birds

could not be made to mean
would not detract
from them as they

were. Bound by feathers
(a thought, I will admit,
born of artifice alone)

they bore themselves aloft.
What could I counter with?
I, who held my heart

in offering as much for
show as for a fear so deep
I found I couldn’t name it.

Three Faces of Eve by Lorra Lee Rose Made with feathers from cut peacock eyes, plumage, herl, macaw, amazon and parakeet

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