Shattered by Grégoire A. Meyer

More Art by Grégoire A. Meyer



America we have
Been shattered
But we don’t seem
To know it yet
We still go to
Raise children
Turn on our
Tap and get
Clean water
Flip a switch
And turn on
The lights
Watch cable TV

But we are shattered
We sent a generation
Of men and women
To fight in deserts
Across the world
And so many of them
Came back broken
And so many of them
Are homeless
And so many of them
Were raped

Millions of people
Depend on a
Water source
That is drying up
But they still give away
Their water for
Energy sources
That are poisoning
Our planet

Now we think the
Solution is to
Even our children’s
They won’t do
It better because
We throw money
At them

Another solution
We embraced
Was to incarcerate,
Incarcerate, incarcerate
Until prisons overflowed
And now prisons are outsourced
Money makers
And judges are forced
To order prisoners released
Lest the prisons split
And spill criminals
All over our country

We argue about
Who kills people
Guns or people
And while we argue
People are
Dying of gunshot wounds
And one side yells,
“They want to take our guns”
But they don’t listen
Because nobody wants
To take guns,
They just want
To stop people from dying
And what we’re doing
Isn’t working
And putting more
Guns into our country
Is not the answer.

We are a shattered
No one seems to
Notice or weep
I sometimes
Imagine lady justice
Weeping unseen
Under her blindfold.


  1. nation is a notion of oppression,
    we segregate ourselves geographically,
    pitting man against man
    under supposed banners of nationality,
    mere excuses for selfish murder
    of brothers of a different skin
    and creed.

    And who does this?
    who works the strings of populous marionette?
    you’ve said it yourself,
    we do.
    We are America,
    and we make those choices,
    as we are humanity,
    and we have made those choices.

    Burying heads under eagles clad in olive branches,
    spewing arrows and tail feathers on the RedWhiteAndBlue
    simply lends an air of anonymity,
    dehumanizes our hate and greed.

    We sent our men and women,
    indeed our children,
    to die in foreign sand,
    disfigured and dismembered,
    We did that,
    you and I,
    and the collective stain that is humanity.

    We sent them in nobility,
    in defense of our ideals,
    in defense of those who cannot defend themselves.
    we sent them in greed,
    under the waving banner of the west,
    to quash a dehumanized beast,
    a foreign legion to whom
    we cannot outsource our needs,
    lest we incur the demon of globalization.

    We sent them.
    We bought the guns,
    you and I.

    Those are the minds that must change.
    Not the savage jihadist,
    not the weeping refugee.
    We need not cure the sickness
    of a gun hungry redneck,
    behooded thug in the city.
    We are the problem,
    you and I.


    • Not sure I entirely agree with everything you have said, but I agree with the feelings you express, the outrage, the need to do something, to change something. Also the feeling of my own culpability, but at the same time a feeling that there has been deliberate action taken to undermine the individuals sense of culpability and also their ability to actually act – in the court systems, by police forces across the country, by media, and by local, state, and federal government. I will never ever endorse anarchy as an answer. Throughout history there have been examples of nations doing amazing good things – I still believe that the state can act on behalf of the people to protect and make a positive difference. You probably think I am naive but we agree to disagree. Thankyou for the poem – it very much expresses my own feelings. Thank you for stopping by. Lisa


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