Photo Credit I just felt Like roaring today Letting Everything out Every sigh Every eye roll Every time I bit my Tongue Every time I didn’t Say what I wanted To say Every time someone else Said something repulsive And I took the high road And walked away Every moment and dollar My government wasted... Continue Reading →

Tree Houses

I would like To live in a tree To burrow in Like a termite And live among The rings Watching it grow Around me Feeling it move Upwards Outwards Water coursing From roots To leaf tips Energy flowing From sun into Leaf transformed Into plant life Vibrating throughout My wonderful House Let me live in... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

More work by Guy Denning Who Am I Lisa Cox I can’t find me Under all the layers Of what I’ve been told About who came Before About who I was When I don’t remember About who I should be But I’m not About who I shouldn’t be But I am I can’t figure out... Continue Reading →

We Honor the Dead

Photo Credit We Honor the Dead Lisa Cox Dump my ashes In the recycle Bin Don’t take Up any room With a headstone For me A waste of space Spread my ashes Along the road Funerals are A selfish Indulgence for The living Don’t waste Money on A corpse Funeral homes Just want money Harsh... Continue Reading →

Waiting out the Rain

For More Work by Anne Yvonne Gilbert Waiting Out the Rain Lisa Cox Rain Cold wall Growing The scraps Of what is left Crumbled house Growing more Asunder with Each drop Ruts in the road Grow deeper With each sheet Of water Loneliness and Despair Flourish with Cold drops Running down A bowed head Waiting... Continue Reading →

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