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Tree Houses

I would like To live in a tree To burrow in Like a termite And live among The rings Watching it grow Around me Feeling it move Upwards Outwards Water coursing From roots To leaf tips Energy flowing From sun into Leaf transformed Into plant life Vibrating throughout My wonderful House Let me live in… Continue reading Tree Houses

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Moonlight Photography by Hans Findling

Photo Credit Still Lisa Cox The stars stand Still While earth rotates Still We wait for stars to align Still We wait for more signs Still Leo wanders the heavens Still Scorpio scuttles through the stars Still Pisces splashes through dark waters Still More signs fill the heavens Still Be Still And be lost in… Continue reading Moonlight Photography by Hans Findling

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We Honor the Dead

Photo Credit We Honor the Dead Lisa Cox Dump my ashes In the recycle Bin Don’t take Up any room With a headstone For me A waste of space Spread my ashes Along the road Funerals are A selfish Indulgence for The living Don’t waste Money on A corpse Funeral homes Just want money Harsh… Continue reading We Honor the Dead