Return by Loic Arnaud
Return by Loic Arnaud possibly done on wallpaper

The House of Return

Lisa Cox

I live in the
The house of
Where it all
Comes back
The grief
Of every death
The joy of every birth
The guilt of every sin

They come in my
House like ghosts
When I see the sun
Across the floor
And the specks of
Dust dancing in
invisible ray
I return to trying
To capture those

When I smell
The vinegar
In the kitchen
I return to Easter
And bright stained
Fingers as we dip
The eggs

At night when
The lights flash
Across the window
I return to the
Terror that
His car is parked
Out front,
That he might come in.

When I see the crack
In the window
I return to the
Time when there
Was no money to fix
The crack, so we taped
It with duct tape to
Keep the cold out,
But there was still ice
On the inside of the window

When my head throbs
With migraine
I return to the time
I begged and begged
Them to be quiet
Because my head was
Throbbing and they
Were children and didn’t
Understand and laughed

When I hold my niece
I return to that morning
Long ago when I awoke
And my grandmother was
Holding my baby sister
So small and beautiful
And I was afraid
We were too many
And I was happy
Because we were so

I live in
The house of
Where everything
Comes back


Painting Credit

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