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Abstraction by Liz Brizzi

Abstraction by Liz Brizzi Photo and Acrylic Mixed Media Collage
Abstraction by Liz Brizzi Photo and Acrylic Mixed Media Collage

Image Credit and another post with more work by Liz Brizzi



Lisa Cox

The named it
Urban Jungle
Trying to tame
Something that was
A something instead
Of a place where
People lived and worked
Like stripping leaves
From a vine Urban
Stripped the
Living part of jungle
From jungle leaving
Only unsaid meanings
Clinging like monkeys
On power lines
While people from
Around the entire
Globe we all live on
Lived, worked, were born,
Died, got married, and struggled
To raise children in this
Supposed Urban Jungle.
Who lives in those high
Rise forests? Who resides
In the biosphere, where do
The predators lurk, and what
Becomes of species going
Extinct every day? What becomes
Of all these inhabitants when
They come to burn down the
Forests for fuel?
Urban is like a chameleon changing
Stripes like a tie can be changed
From stripes to polka dots,
Changing jungle to animal instinct,
Changing moneyed residents
To chic urban warriors.
Do they hunt the residents
Of the urban jungles they inhabit?
Our habitat changes with the
Words smeared about
Barbed with meanings
Like seed pods whose barbs
Cling to animals to be spread
Far and wide.

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