Vedas – Photos by Nicholas Alan Cope

Photography Credit


Lisa Cox

Cover me up
From head to toe
First comes the swaddle
Holding me safe and close
Then the little dresses
Pink and frilly
I am daughter to mother
Add another layer
I am daughter to father
Add another layer
I am sister to sister
Again another layer
I am sister to brother
The layers seem light
And filmy
I am child
The layer is butterfly
Wings with no weight
The next layer comes
Like a corset
I am young woman
Cinching a little tight
Awareness flickers
I am white
Like a shroud
Clouding my vision
I am American
It drops and tightens
Lifting and tightening
Just so
I am woman
The corset is tight
The shoes are tighter
I am adult
Every piece is cinched
Into place
Covered and draped
Just so
While muscles and soul
Cry out for freedom
Yet the constraints
Of every layer
Will not let go


Note: Β I’ve never had adds before on my wordpress, so I don’t why they might add them. Β I wish they wouldn’t, but it is out of my control 😦 Β I understand why they have to advertise though.

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