2012 Winners of the Nikon Photomicrography Competition

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1st Place Dr. Jennifer L. Peters & Dr. Michael R. Taylor St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Memphis, Tennessee, USA Subject Matter: The blood-brain barrier in a live zebrafish embryo (20x)
2nd Place Walter Piorkowski South Beloit, Illinois, USA Subject Matter: Live newborn lynx spiderlings (6x)
3rd Place Dr. Dylan Burnette National Institute of Health (NIH) Bethesda, Maryland, USA Subject Matter: Human bone cancer (osteosarcoma) showing actin filaments (purple), mitochondria (yellow), and DNA (blue) (63x)
4th Place Dr. W. Ryan Williamson Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Ashburn, Virginia, USA Subject Matter: Drosophila melanogaster visual system halfway through pupal development, showing retina (gold), photoreceptor axons (blue), and brain (green) (1500x)

Nikon Small World in Motion 2012 Winner

Dr. Olena Kamenyeva

National Institute of Health (NIH)
NIAID – Laboratory of Immunoregulation
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Subject Matter:

Recruitment of neutrophils to the site of laser damage in mouse inguinal lymph node

This video shows the immune response in the lymph node of a mouse, when activated by a laser. Specifically, it shows an efficient innate immune reaction in the lymph node, which typically has been studied for the development of adaptive immune response.

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