Who Am I?

Untitled by Guy Denning
Fragment from Oil Painting and Collage “Our father, Forgive us our f**k-ups, And let us lie well remembered. Amen” by Guy Denning

More work by Guy Denning

Who Am I

Lisa Cox

I can’t find me
Under all the layers
Of what I’ve been told

About who came
About who I was
When I don’t remember
About who I should be
But I’m not
About who I shouldn’t be
But I am

I can’t figure out
Who that is
In the mirror
In the whispered conversation
That stops when
I come in the room

Who am I when
I wear red
Or blue
A short skirt
A Long skirt
High heels
Flip flops?

Can I be
Who I am
When no one
Likes who I am,
And if who I am
Doesn’t seem to
Match who I am
Supposed to be
Have been all along?

Can I become
Will I become
Someone else
As I know more about
Who I am
And will I like
Who I am becoming?

I do not recognize
Who I am
Under all the
Unknowns of who
I was
Who I am
And who I will be.


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