Untitled via Trendy for iphone
Untitled via Trendy for iphone

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I just felt
Like roaring today
Everything out
Every sigh
Every eye roll
Every time I bit my
Every time I didn’t
Say what I wanted
To say
Every time someone else
Said something repulsive
And I took the high road
And walked away
Every moment and dollar
My government wasted
On inane, ignorant talk
While people all around
Me are hungry and struggling
Every flat tire
Every burned meal
Every time a group
Of men acted as if they
Couldn’t hear me when
I spoke and continued
To speak as if I didn’t
Every mechanic who
Called me sweetheart
The teenage fast food
Boy who called me bitchy
And then said calm down
When he didn’t give me my
The doctor who told me
To get a boob job when
I told him my chest hurt
The ER doctor who told
Me to get a job so
I could see a real doctor
The car that stalled only when
I drove it but never when
The mechanic drove it
I just felt like roaring today

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