Monster Anatomy

Drawing Credit>@ Monster Anatomy Lisa Cox All monsters live large Thanks to their squishy insides No sword pierces through Drawing Credit>@ Art Credit>@

Catacomb Saints photographed by Paul Koudounaris

Photo Credit>@

Skeleton Saints

Lisa Cox

I was lying
In my catacomb
When they
Drug me out
Wrestled me into
This garish mountain
Of gems
What am I
To do with gems
And gold?
And now I sit
And they come
And take their
And some kneel
And pray and weep
God already gave me
Rest which was stolen
From me
Pray for me
Dear lady
Displayed in
All this hypocritical
Finery while
I hear coins dropping
In the collection box
I won’t tell if you
Slip one of my rings
Off and the this
Blue broach in
My eye is awfully
Heavy it should
Just slip right into
Your hands
Just strip me bare
Throw me in
A hole, cover
Me in dirt
Let me get back
To my peaceful