Witch Nebula

Photo Credit>@ The Witch in the Stars Lisa Cox There once was a Witch A good witch Who made things Grow Who healed people Who took care of animals She fell in love With a count Who was charming And handsome And kind The people Of the village Did not like the Count’s father He... Continue Reading →


Photo Credit>@ Cemetery Lisa Cox In a dessert Baking in the hot sun There is a cemetery No one visits There are no eulogies No prayers No grave markers Only tanks As far as the eye Can see This tank graveyard Was left as the The losing side Fled The winners Had no need for... Continue Reading →

War Paint

Photocredit>@  If you happen to know who took this please leave a note - I would love the credit the photographer but I have run up against a brick wall trying to find the photographer.  Thanks!  Lisa War Paint Haiku Lisa Cox Put on your war paint Armor to face the day with Be ready... Continue Reading →

Tree Rings

Photography Credit>@ Tree Rings Lisa Cox A tree adds Rings of life Marking each Change of season I have no rings Marking the seasons Of this life Only scars Outward unusable For dating And inward Invisible to all But me And even some invisible To this conscious mind Rearing their ugly Heads Make me Wish... Continue Reading →

Poppy Fantasy

Photo Credit>@ and more work by Farshid Alizade>@ Poppy Fantasy Lisa Cox Field of red I row through Letting my fingers Trail through The red poppies Bees splashing Against the side Of my boat Thrumming with The tide Rowing up the steep Swelling hill of poppies Down into the Trough of a meadow Round and round... Continue Reading →

Monster Anatomy

Drawing Credit>@ Monster Anatomy Lisa Cox All monsters live large Thanks to their squishy insides No sword pierces through Drawing Credit>@ Art Credit>@


Photo Credit>@ Alienness Lisa Cox I have seen In your vision A faraway place Where an ancient Tree roots under A roiling red sun While a distant Yellow sun hangs Back in the distance The tree has water Falls of green leaves Cascading from Infinite branches In its shade I will sit awhile And reside... Continue Reading →


Art Credit>@ Falling Lisa Cox I cut the ties Let go Free Falling through Space alone You say To retie Myself Quickly before My soul is lost You say Everyone goes Through this Longing to be Free To untie Breathlessly Falling into the Wonder Of this blue horizon I see all of creation Obscured by... Continue Reading →

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