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Witch Nebula

Photo Credit>@ The Witch in the Stars Lisa Cox There once was a Witch A good witch Who made things Grow Who healed people Who took care of animals She fell in love With a count Who was charming And handsome And kind The people Of the village Did not like the Count’s father He… Continue reading Witch Nebula

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Photo Credit>@ Cemetery Lisa Cox In a dessert Baking in the hot sun There is a cemetery No one visits There are no eulogies No prayers No grave markers Only tanks As far as the eye Can see This tank graveyard Was left as the The losing side Fled The winners Had no need for… Continue reading Cemetery

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Catacomb Saints photographed by Paul Koudounaris

Photo Credit>@ Skeleton Saints Lisa Cox I was lying Quietly In my catacomb When they Drug me out Wrestled me into This garish mountain Of gems What am I To do with gems And gold? And now I sit And they come And take their Pictures And some kneel And pray and weep God already… Continue reading Catacomb Saints photographed by Paul Koudounaris