The Lost Kingdom

The Lost World – Tibor Nagy

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The Lost Kingdom

Lisa Cox

There was a kingdom
Just around the corner
Where everybody
Laughed and clapped
When you came
Into the room,
Food was never
Not cooking
And somebody
Seemed To be
Knitting you a
New sweater
Every time you
Plump cats
Slumbered in
Window sills
Competing for
Space with jungles
Of plants
While someone
Played the violin
On an upper floor.
Inside there were
Always extra
Umbrellas and coats
Boots and scarves,
And when it was
Hot pitchers of
Lemonade with ice
Sat sweating on
Every counter.
You were
Always welcome
And no one ever asked
You to leave, but
Always asked you to stay.

One day you went
To visit the kingdom
But it wasn’t where
You thought it was,
Or perhaps you got
You went back
And started again
And ended up
Down dark alleyways
And running from
Snarling dogs in
Back yards.
Lost in the rain
You bought a map
And looked and looked
But there was
No trace of
Of the kingdom
On the map
So dizzily you wandered
And turned
And turned
And finally went into
A bookstore
For an atlas to
Find this fairest
“You were most lucky.”
Said the book keeper.
“You found the lost
Kingdom, but now
It is lost to you
As well, and you
May never find it
Every corner you
Turned, every map
You looked at ever
After you strained
To find the lost
Kingdom but it
Remained lost.

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