addict #2
de Medici, eX Addict #2 2011 water color

To see more artwork by eX de Medici

The Addict Plant

Lisa Cox

You pluck
A black leaf
It intrigues
As you inhale
The fragrance burns
Slowly, like your
Skin being warmed
Into a blistering burn
On a hot summer day
Squeeze the juice
From the berries
Onto your hands
It stains
You know you can
Stop playing with
This plant any time
You dig deeper
Your friends
Gobbling mouthfuls
Of leaves, vines, and berries
The stain is on your
Hands, your face,
Your knees
You want more
Digging into it
You realize it is
All around
You can no longer
See out but it
Doesn’t matter
Nothing matters
But more- more- more- more
Then there is no
Only blackness
You kick at it
Scream at it
Only blackness
Total consuming
You call for
They will get
You more
Once they know
How much you need
Your friends will
Get you more
They know how much
You need it
You struggle in
Inky blackness
Flailing for more

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