Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca

Unattributed picture of Federico García Lorca taken in 1914

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To Federico García Lorca

by Marjorie Agosín

In the thick of the night
Root of the starry sky
Diaphanous dancer
Designer of dreams
Wove melodies and verses
From the vapors of the moon

Till your voice was stilled
Your principles
Your faith
At the bottom of the earth

Generals buried your death and your history
At the bottom of the earth
But you sent your roots
Across Iberia
You spread your passion
Without vengeance

Generals cannot hide the moon
Or cover the stars
Or kill dreams
Generals cannot betray the memory
Of your somnambulant spirit
Generals cannot still the gypsy dance

I no longer seek your tomb
Your verse is enough

[Translated from the Spanish by Betty Jean Craige]

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Debussy [with English translation]

Mi sombra va silenciosa
por el agua de la acecia.

Por mi sombra están las ranas
privadas de las estrellas.

La sombra manda a mi cuerpo
reflejos de cosas quietas.

Mi sombra va como inmenso
cínife color violeta.

Cien grillos quieren dorar
la luz de la cañavera.

Una luz nace en mi pecho,
reflejado, de la acequia.
My shadow glides in silence
over the watercourse.

On account of my shadow
the frogs are deprived of stars.

The shadow sends my body
reflections of quiet things.

My shadow moves like a huge
violet-colored mosquito.

A hundred crickets are trying
to gild the glow of the reeds.

A glow arises in my breast,
the one mirrored in the water.
Federico García Lorca

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One comment

  1. Once I looked at the translation I of the second poem I realized it is not a very good translation – some problems with words used to describe water. Sorry – it does however give a sense of Lorca’s work.


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