Leda and the Swan – Warning Image is a little Graphic

I am putting the poetry at the top – you need to scroll down to see the image which borders on being too graphic for this forum.  Use your own discretion.

Leaving Leda Behind

Lisa Cox

When will we
Dispense with Leda
And that swan?
Must we continue
To be tormented
By this ghastly
Image of rape
by bestiality proxy?
What is this fascination?
We still fetishize swans
As romantic creatures
Festooning them with
Hearts on St. Valentines
Day, as if they hold
Some special significance
In affairs of the human
Their beauty as natural
Creatures was corrupted
By the tortured mind
Of the story teller
Who first told the
Story of Leda and Swan
Around a camp fire
Centuries ago
Can we let it go
Agree to no longer
Mythologize that incident
To give it no special
Import in our modern
World? Create no more
Images, write no
More references into
Movies, plays or poetry?
Let this be th last and
Let swans be swans
And let Leda rest in peace.

Jerzy Hulewicz – Leda and the Swan 1928

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