Death Star Beta

Part of the Dodeca series by Christian Zander
Part of the Dodeca series by Christian Zander

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Death Star Beta

Lisa Cox

The death star,
Went up for
It barely met
The minimum

Nancy Miranda Smith
From Oklahoma
Had the winning bid
Went to work on it
Nancy liked color
And patterns
And mixing colors
And patterns

She used florals
And geometric prints
Inside and out
She wanted a retreat
For her and her dogs
And cats
Her money was made
From a chain of
Dollar stores so she was
Able to realize her
Vision completely

The International Space Agency
Insisted it could
Would not be in
Earth’s Orbit
Law 54.25b stated
That all man made
Space objects comply
With certain aesthetic qualities
And Nancy Miranda Smith’s
Death Star Beta simply
Did not comply

She pouted
She called her congress man
She started a petition
She tried to get likes
On Facebook
But eventually facing
Facts she moved her
Death star beyond earth’s
Orbit and into
A Mars orbit

Having gained such
Notoriety Nancy
Now runs shuttles
To her newly remodeled
Death Star Bed and Breakfast
With a view of Mars

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