Witch Nebula

Witch Nebula captured by  NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE
Witch Nebula captured by NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE

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The Witch in the Stars

Lisa Cox

There once was a
A good witch
Who made things
Who healed people
Who took care of animals
She fell in love
With a count
Who was charming
And handsome
And kind
The people
Of the village
Did not like the
Count’s father
He raised their
He took part
Of their harvest
And then he
Charged them
To go into the
Forest to gather
The could not afford
To keep warm
During the winter
They kidnapped
The count as he rode
Through the village
They thought his father
Would negotiate
They thought he would
See how serious they
And how important the
Firewood was to them
But no he simply crowned
His other son as count
The villager’s fury
Rose and they flung
The captive count
Down a well with
Rocks tied to his ankles
The witch rushed to save
Him but they held her
Back even as he cried
And begged
He drowned
Her sorrow turned
To fury
She pulled her book
Of dark spells
From underneath
The floorboards
Where she had buried it
And then she went
Through the village
Where she burned
Every house
Killed all the cattle
Diseased all the people
With poxes and boils
The black smith tackled
Her and took away her
Book and reading from
The page it was opened
To read the spell
Let your evil forever more
Be spread among the stars
The witch screamed and
Burst into green dust
Which spread into a tornado
That reached to the sky
Now and forever more
The witch star formation
Remains in the sky
A reminder of love lost
And justice gone wrong


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