Missed Time

Missed Time BY HA JIN My notebook has remained blank for months thanks to the light you shower around me. I have no use for my pen, which lies languorously without grief. Nothing is better than to live a storyless life that needs no writing for meaning— when I am gone, let others say they... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving music and pictures

from http://gregmitchellwriter.blogspot.com/: "When Beethoven, late in his life, and fully deaf, survived a serious illness, he wrote a slow movement for one of his fabled final string quartets, calling it a  "convalescent's holy song of Thanksgiving,"  now known as the Heiliger Dankgesang.  I am not alone in considering it one of  the greatest and most profound  pieces... Continue Reading →

Photos by Blanka Mateno

All Photos by Blanka Mateno. To see more>@         Lilacs Lisa Cox   I’ve been waiting All year for The first bloom Inconsequential Bloom Comes with A scent Clinging wildly Mildly like spring A scent that passes And bypasses all My reason Straight to the spot In my brain that Would make... Continue Reading →

Watercolor by Adermaro Bardelli

Paintings by Ademaro Bardelli an Italian painter.  See more>@ Pearls Lisa Cox Plucked from The ocean depths Pried from an Oyster’s gullet Pearls Run against your Teeth gritty Like the sandy Bottom of the Ocean bottom Salty like tears Smashed with A hammer Reduced to white Dust The same Dust left over When they Tear down... Continue Reading →

Broken Flower and a Little Birdy

Art by Kai and Sunny>@ Tenderness Lisa Cox A Petal Is falling Like a rain drop Will you catch it Or let it drop Discarded? One petal lost Is no loss For this flower Yet they continue To fall, Why do you shake The flower so, Petals falling Each one Irreplaceable Each bringing the Flower... Continue Reading →

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