Requiem for Cosmonauts with Artwork by Jeremy Geddes

All artwork by Jeremey Geddes.  See more at>@ Another post with Jeremy Geddes work>@

Requiem for Cosmonauts

Lisa Cox

They broke the bonds
that held them to the
only home they
every knew
and with a fiery
know only to those
who leave this world
they left never to
Were their last moments
of the quiet vastness
of space?
Did they look
below and see the beauty
of this great earth?
Let them reach
into the very space
they sought to
conquer and
be absorbed
into it’s quiet
awesome blackness
filled with more wonder
than we will know
while we live our lives
here on terra firma.
May we meet one
day on the other side
of dark and light
beyond stars and
galaxies where all
secrets and wonders
will unroll before us
and no fear or shadow
shall be cast in our path.
Let their love of exploration
plant the seed curiosity
in our hearts that we
may fulfill their dreams
and on that bright
morning when we meet
again we will
talk and laugh of all
that we explored and learned
and loved.



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