Underwater Photography

All Photos by Alexander Semenov>@


Lisa Cox

Falling in is easy
This other world
Existing side by side
Sinking into its depths
Rare creatures
Of colors never
Seen above hover
And glide
Vibrations of monsters
In the deep
Tickle your ankles
Bubbles rise
Sink deeper
Into wilder depths
Familiar yet
Alien you can reach
Out and catch
That purple spotted
One but it slithers
Through outstretched
Fingers real in
This place of unreality
Rules of gravity
Fluctuate and light
Bends in peculiar
Ways distorting truth
Spinning round
Monsters stir
There is no running here
Sea horses rocking
While plush puffers
Meander in no hurry
Only you sense the danger
You’ve stayed too
Long in the deep
In this side by side world
Where the rules
Are unknown but the same
As the ones you dreamed
Come up come up come up
Here comes the air
Here comes the light
Here comes the rightness of the world
Come up come up come up


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