Tin Life – edit

All Sculptures are created by Pierre Matter.  See more at>@.  He works in bronze, steel, copper, and brass.

Tin Life

Lisa Cox

I run my fingers
Over your metallic
Your sharp edges
Prick my finger
Drawing blood
I flick my finger
And hear that
Bright vibrating sound
Flick again but the
Sound comes back
Not empty
Like a can of
Eaten soup
I lay my ear
On your hard
Surface and discover
Warmth where
I expected only winter
At first there is
Only the rustle
Of my hair
Then a sound
A breath
My own?
I hold my
And I hear
Again the faintest
Inhale, exhale
And then a beat
My heart
Skips its own
While your heart
Continues strong
And steady
I breathe again
Running my finger
A trail of
Blood with my
Writing your name
I misconstrued
Your armor for

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