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Nights of Snow
Nights of Snow







Lisa Cox


I’ve been waiting
All year for
The first bloom
Comes with
A scent
Clinging wildly
Mildly like spring
A scent that passes
And bypasses all
My reason
Straight to the spot
In my brain that
Would make my
Tail twitch
If I had a tail
I bury my face
In the small
Blooms inhaling
As if drowning
Trying to drown
In the fragrance
Luxurious wrapping
Round like softest
Green grass
Like silken fabric
Warm rain
And wind through
The tree branches
All at once
Prime mover of
All perfumes
Stroking that inner
Brain spot
Blurring all spring
Memories into
One blissful
Scent filled
Purple haze



Botanical Poem
Botanical Poem


Nor Breath Nor Motion
Nor Breath Nor Motion





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