Painting and Street Art by Hua Tunan

All Artwork is by Hua Tunan.  To see more of his work go here>@   To Fly Lisa Cox Muddy feather Floating in a puddle Glided twirling from The sky gracefully Dancing through Currents and eddies Of wind swept Skies Fallen from pure Freedom Fallen from wildness Flying Then a feather’s job Is done swirling... Continue Reading →

4 Gifts because 3 wasn’t enough

American Authors "The Best Day of My Life" Art Credit Reading Starlight with One Eye like Creeley BY CA CONRAD hearing all bells at                               once instructs the final exhale                               Camelot in thimble of  the gods                               Marilyn Monroe’s ambulance lost on the way to the palace of  temperament a branch of government for the... Continue Reading →

Collage Art by Liz Brizzi

All Visual Art is photographic and acrylic collage art on canvas by Liz Brizzi.  To see more go here>@ Unchanging Lisa Cox Who made the road I stand upon? Where did that building spring from, if not planted from a seed that grew into the scenery where it belongs and would leave a hole if... Continue Reading →

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