Painting by Hayley Barker with Music by Dispatch

All Painting by Haley Barker.  See more of her art here>@

Joy in a cold Season:

To Joy

Lisa Cox

Trip over the cat
He purrs
While the sun comes
And clouds move
Flowers are blooming
Paint drips
In yellow
Browns swirl into
Next to
Hear the laughter
Bubbling up
Leaving painted
Footed steps
On the bare
Wood floor
Flares not
For accidents
Stop for joy
Stop for happiness
Pushing through
Cold earth
Paint flowing onto
Whiteness dripping
Down fingers
Warmth flowing
From the heart
Pushing away
The cold of the
Rain running
Down the arm
Running to fingers
Running to the
Flat surface
Raising it up
To joy to beyond
To sublime

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