Ni Su Nave/That’s Not Your Ship – Edit

Ni Su Nave by Jayme Ivison

Photography by Tomasz Zaczeniuk.  See more here>@

A Boat


O beautiful
was the werewolf
in his evil forest.
We took him
to the carnival
and he started
when he saw
the Ferris wheel.
green and red tears
flowed down
his furry cheeks.
He looked
like a boat
out on the dark

Poetry Credit


    • There is a sadness about his pictures. That is what drew me to them – so much of the art I see doesn’t make me feel – it looks beautiful, but I don’t feel anything. These photographs have a sense of well – gravitas (big word but it seems appropriate:) and they make me feel. I hope you like it and take something away from it. I hope it’s not too much of a bummer for your day! Lisa


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