Collage Art by Liz Brizzi

All Visual Art is photographic and acrylic collage art on canvas by Liz Brizzi.  To see more go here>@


Lisa Cox

Who made the road
I stand upon?
Where did that building
spring from, if not
planted from a seed
that grew into
the scenery where
it belongs and would
leave a hole if
I chopped it down.
That bridge in the distance
separating me from
the horizon,
that bridge that
I never cross but
pulses with traffic
like blood through
a vessel, did it snake
across the river like
a root from a weed
looking for water
like the commuters
rush across it looking
for work?
All this scenery was
built once upon a time
never new it became old
before the last nail was
in place and became
the whole world
unchanging while we
rushed around living
forgetting forests and
streams, mountains,
horizons, trees, even
dirt that was paved over
a century ago.

Cold Specks – Winter Solstice

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