Stunning Rural Landscapes Blur Reality with Abstraction – Digital Camera work by Lisa Wood

All Digital Photos by Lisa Wood.  See more>@


Lisa Cox

I see the edge
Being drawn
Out of fantasy
Pulled slowly
Out in drawings
Oils, pastels,
And photos
What was once
Imagined now
Is teased into
Ones and zeroes
And pops into
Life on a screen
Or page
My deepest imaginings
Sprung to life
No longer mine
I dig deeper
Imagine harder
Longing for my
Own imagination
Back again
Images and words
Fly back and forth
At the speed of
Never more never more
Outdated before
They reach my door

Easy to revel in
All the beauty
Hard hard to find
Joy in all this art
So much darkness
Flows from pens
Brushes and pencils
Color me joy and I
Will be content
Add joy to my
Imagination let
Me sing with you
Give me back my
Joy of being lost
In great books
Glorious painting
Impossible sculpture
Yet you dwell on death
On war on monsters
Beautiful women
By the multitude
Weep and act naughty
in every corner
Of the digital universe –
Where are the men?
Why do they only
Pose to show off
Shirts and shoes
Or play sports?
Give me joy, give me
All people, let me have
My imagination back

I will wrest it from
You, create worlds
That are not
Empty landscapes,
Tortured souls,
Pouty lips, soulless
Cars costing more
Than most people
Will make in their
Whole life, no crying
Children, helpless women,
No perfect rooms that
No one lives in, no cute
Puppies and kittens
That grow up to be
Abandoned when they
Pee on the floors, no
Outrageous surrealism
Escaping reality by
Balloons, bicycles,
Holes in the ground,
Floating houses, or
Ladders into the sky.

If you find it, if you find
Joy hold onto it fast
Write it down, paint it,
Mold it into clay, chip it
Into rock let it spread
And lighten the whole
Whole world.

Glen Hansard The Storm is Coming

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