The Pond – Painting by Tiina Heiska

All paintings are part of Tiina Heisak’s “The Pond” series.  To See More Excellent work by Tiina Heiska go to>@ or go to>@


Lisa Cox

I walked into a pond
Not wanting to get out
The further I walked
The more I knew
That the water
Would not cover
Standing in the pond
Waiting to go under
Come out on the other side
Under and the world
Turned over
Water on top
Clouds on bottom
Going up I found the bottom
Where the birds fly
Come back down
The frogs called
To the top
Tip toes
I stretched my fingers
To the top
Brushing the bottom
Soft wet earth
Fish brush my palms
I close my eyes
Curls up
Extend my feet
In the pond

The Mark Cold Specks

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