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Faces – Portraits by kooookooookooookoooo

To see more work by the artist who calls himself kooookooookooookoooo go to his website. To the Artists Lisa Cox Your subjects Beg your pardon; Do not hide their Faces Do not paint only The backs of their Heads Or photograph them Looking down At the ground Or only capture the nape of their necks; Do… Continue reading Faces – Portraits by kooookooookooookoooo

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Paintings by Vince Contarino – final edit

The interplay of color and form in Vince Contarino's artwork is fanscinating, especially when viewed as a part of larger collection.  To see more of his work go to his website.  Here a few pieces of work. Art Under my Skin Lisa Cox On the backs of my Eyelids colors flash Shapes Round, rectangle, Triangle… Continue reading Paintings by Vince Contarino – final edit

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Brick Sculpture by Brad Spencer

Sculptor Brad Spencer works in brick.  He shapes each brick individually and then assembles them on site.  To see more of his work go here or here. Everything that Acts Is Actual BY DENISE LEVERTOV From the tawny light from the rainy nights from the imagination finding itself and more than itself alone and more than alone… Continue reading Brick Sculpture by Brad Spencer

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Deepest Winter – Paintings by Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson paints stark winter landscapes that evoke the coldest winter.  On his webpage he writes, “The filter of memory appears to retain only what is personally important, and the inevitable mix of my own history and experience fills in the gaps.  Only that which remains is important – the extraneous and fleeting are not… Continue reading Deepest Winter – Paintings by Mark Thompson

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2013 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

    Photos from Science News, and National Science Foundation.  Photo commentary also from Science News and National Science Foundation. Microscopic Science looks closely God is in the details here Under microscopes Lisa Cox YOUNG GALAXY - Firestruck

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Elegant Illustration from Jeannie Lynn Paske

Jeannie Lynn Paske has managed to create a whole world with her elegant and thoughtful illustrations.  To see more of her work or order her soon to be released book full of her wonderful work go to her blog Jeannie Lynn Paske's Obsolete World.     Dala - Life on Earth   Spinning Lisa Cox I… Continue reading Elegant Illustration from Jeannie Lynn Paske