The Last Stand – Photography by Marc Wilson – edit

Photographer Marc Wilson did a series of photos of the remnants of pillboxes and bunkers remaining from World War II in England and along the Atlantic coast in Europe.  To see more of his photos go HERE


Remnants of protection-
shield against war’s wrath
once repelled tides
of invaders
now crumbling like Rome
crumbling like memories
of the conflict that
swallowed a generation.

They wrapped hope in
concrete and stone
they fed hope rounds
and rounds of ammunition.
Hope was found as buildings
fell all round and round.
Children became bearers
of hope as they rode away
to live for another day

Remnants of protection
slowly sinking into sea
into ground
fading like scars,
fading like stars burning
out millions of years
before we lose their light.

Lisa Cox

The Civil Wars – Kingdom Come

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