Plant Sculptures by Azuma Makoto

Azuma Makoto is a Japanese artists who uses leaves, flowers, and other plant materials (like moss) to create minimal but fantastic sculpture.  For more of his work go here>@ and here>@.

Underneath the Snow

Lisa Cox

I went into the snow
Because my house was
Was too warm
And the walls were falling in

Lost in the snow white
Blinded by the light
I came upon a singular fact
That I had only one way to act

I plowed into the snow
Underneath it I must go
The light split my head open
Pain ran like stiches through my skull

I longed for the underworld of snow
Cold and dark where I could rest
Instead the earth began to bleed
Green leaves and tender grass

The ache in my head subsided
As I created a garden there
In the midst of all that snow
Far from the falling walls

Essie Jain – “Raise You” – conducted and arranged by Nico Muhly

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