Secret Cities – Photographs by Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks has a series of photos of abandoned places from all over Europe in his collection “Secret Cities”  Here are a few of his photos.  To see more go to>@


Radical Face – Welcome Home (Extended Version)


Just Right

Lisa Cox

I was too small for
The house that was
My home
Maybe I was too big
It no longer fit
Or I no longer fit
We no longer fit
Each other together
When l left there
Was no bear’s home
To try out the bed’s
No candy house
Tucked away in the woods
Everywhere cities had
Thrown away churches
Underground subway stations
Theatres, grand hotels,
Power stations, nooks and crannies
Littering cities alone and empty
Grand and dank
Lonely and dark
Enormous and tiny
Places not worth fixing
Not worth the land
Places big enough
Small enough

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