Music from The Vespers with Photography by Jonathan Rosser

The Vespers | Eyes Wide Open

From This Is Colossal:

“Photographer Jonathan Rosser shoots wonderfully gritty portraits that at times appear like stills from centuries-old silent films, and yet at other times so real and life-like, it’s as if the individuals are peering at you from the other side of your monitor. Rosser has only been shooting for three years and finds his subjects in cities around the U.S. from the streets of Skid Row in L.A. to New York, Baltimore and his home in Washington D.C.”

All Photography by Johathan Rosser.  See more of his work on Flickr.
















Chasing my Voice

Lisa Cox

I chased my voice
Through a city
Of a thousand voices
I stayed too long
Listening to the laughter
The screaming
The music
The stories
The gentle sing song
Of children playing

I chased my voice
Across an ocean
Listening to whale song
And dolphin chatter
While birds cawed above
And my voice blew away
On the ocean wind

I chased my voice
Through a forest
I chased bird song
Lay my ear on the ground
Listening to worm song
Followed the soft
Flutter of butterfly wing
And lost my voice in
The screech of owls
As I sat in a tree watching
The moon rise

I chased my voice
To white paper
Where I scribble
And I slowly cobble
It together
One word, one syllable
At a time


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