Laser Drawings on Photo Paper by Eno Henze

These are part of Eno Henze’s Cortex Series.  To see more art work by Eno Henze go here>@



The Belle Game – Bruises to Ash


Lisa Cox

There is no retreat
Into wisps of silk
Delicate fog lingering
On my cheek
Tangled only in
My wretched head
Come noxious vapors
No doubt stolen
From another
Doubt this way lies
Seduced by imaginary
Beauty lost in another’s
Vision, I fail to look
Down and sink in swampy
Oh you cackle and you crow
You bow to your court
Through threadbare metaphor
Words as large as boulders
So smart, but sending every
Reader to their dictionary
Why so worried with your
Likes and looks
I have taken the wrong fork
Lingered by the fence not mended
Stolen another line
Send me a line, a real
Gaze; tell me truth
Tell me of my arrogance
Tell me of my intolerance
Tell me of my pretensions
Tell me of my grammar
Tell me of my lack of manner
Do not applaud
This fog has scattered my
Brains and words
To bed to bed
We are fools
To think we can bend
These words to our rules

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