Elegant Illustration from Jeannie Lynn Paske

Jeannie Lynn Paske has managed to create a whole world with her elegant and thoughtful illustrations.  To see more of her work or order her soon to be released book full of her wonderful work go to her blog Jeannie Lynn Paske’s Obsolete World.



Dala – Life on Earth



Lisa Cox

I take the course strands
Between fingers
Spinning spinning
Between fingers
Spinning spinning
They tighten together
Spinning spinning
Golden threads forming
Visions and images
pulled from tall green
Grass, from grass to
Sheep, from sheep to
Wool, from wool to fingers
Fingers teasing out of
Imagination whole worlds
Knitting together sorrows
And joys, creatures never
Seen, loves that blossom,
Adventures that take your
Breath away, pulled from
The course strands,
Pulled by course hands

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