Faces – Portraits by kooookooookooookoooo

To see more work by the artist who calls himself kooookooookooookoooo go to his website.

To the Artists

Lisa Cox

Your subjects
Beg your pardon;
Do not hide their
Do not paint only
The backs of their
Or photograph them
Looking down
At the ground
Or only capture the
nape of their necks;
Do not smear their
Features into whorl pools
Of heavy color that
Seem to be screaming;
Do not mutilate their
Faces with your brushes
Making their mouths
Into maws, their eyes
Into empty sockets
Their brains spilling down;
Do not put bars
through their faces
blocking their eyes
from speaking;
Treat your subjects
In your work carefully
Treat them like your
Family and let their
Uniqueness shine.
Your generosity will
Be rewarded as I will come
Back and back again
Loving you art.

The Cure – Pictures of You [Extended Version]

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