I Dream of Flowers – Oil Paintings by Mia Tarney


Hydrangea - Oil painting by Mia Tarney
Hydrangea – Oil painting by Mia Tarney


Mia Tarney is a painter from London UK.  Originally trained in portrait and figurative painting she now paints mainly flowers, with intense focus on the details and the colors.  Her paintings have deeply saturated colors and details that create an entire world in a bouquet of flowers.  Her work is in multiple galleries.  A few places her work can be seen:  Here, Here, and Here.

Spring Cleaning

Lisa Cox

Flowers bloomed

In the living room

The seeds were

Tracked in on our shoes

Coming up in April

They reminded us

To trim the moss

On the kitchen table

And the train the vines

Round the toilet bowl

While the grassy path down

The hall was sprouting

Dandelions that needed

To be uprooted

And in the laundry

Lilacs hung heavy

And fragrant framing

The drier, while daffodils

Soaked up water from

A leak behind the washer

And there –

In the light fixture –

In the kitchen

A nest of baby birds

Shrilled for breakfast

And we all knew

Spring cleaning must

Begin in earnest



The Gardener (with lyrics) – The Tallest Man On Earth

The Poet’s Song – Poetry by Adonis with Photography by Miro Simko


Black and White photo by Miro Simko
Black and White photo by Miro Simko

Miro Simko

Miro Simko is a photographer from Presov, Slevokia.  She is works mainly in black and white and does landscape and fine art photography.  From her website she explains,

Black and white photography is all about textures, lines, shapes, shades of gray and the contrast between light and darkness.  Color images often hide these aspects under the ‘layer’ of color.”


Ali Ahmad Said Esber is a Syrian poet who writes under the name Adonis.  He currently resides in Paris.  He attended school in Lybia and has edited several literary journals.  He has also taught at Sorbonne, Damascus University, and the Lebanese University.  In addition he has won “the first ever International Nâzim Hikmet Poetry Award, the Norwegian Academy for Literature and Freedom of Expression’s Bjørnson Prize, the Highest Award of the International Poem Biennial in Brussels, and the Syria-Lebanon Best Poet Award.” (poetryfoundation.org)  For more of his poetry see my other post.


By Adonis b. 1930

Translated By Khaled Mattawa

from “Elegy for the First Century

Bells on our eyelashes
and the death throes of words,
and I among fields of speech,
a knight on a horse made of dirt.
My lungs are my poetry, my eyes a book,
and I, under the skin of words,
on the beaming banks of foam,
a poet who sang  and died
leaving this singed elegy
before the faces of poets,
for birds at the edge of sky.

Poetry Source


To see more photography by Miro Simko go here, and here, and her website.



Fairytale Art by Miharu Yokota

赤ずきん/ Little Red Riding Hood by Miharu Yokota
赤ずきん/ Little Red Riding Hood by Miharu Yokota

Miharu Yokota is a self taught artist from Tokyo, Japan.  Her paintings are full of fairies and flowers.  Her gentle work is inspiring and beautiful.  You can see her work here or at her website.

Creeping Vines

Lisa Cox

Long ago in my
Cradle as I lay
Seeds grew into
A vine round and
Round the vine grew
As I grew the vine grew
Round and round
Flowers bloomed
Fragrant and bright
Their perfume permeates
My life the green leaves
Stain my hands
Every thought was filled
With this perfume
Every time I shook
A hand my green tinged
Hands gave me pause
Always there this vine
Clinging, climbing, holding
Every thought captive
To green vines, green
Leaves, scented breeze
Left over from childhood
Clinging, lingering, haunting
Untangling the vine
Crushing the flowers
Washing away the green
Long slow work
So long my home
The vine, the perfume
I never knew
I never knew
It blocked my view


Daughter – Youth

Golden Light – Artwork by Steven DaLuz

"Traveler 2"  mixed media drawing on Innova smooth cotton paper by Steven DaLuz
“Traveler 2” mixed media drawing on Innova smooth cotton paper by Steven DaLuz


Steven DaLuz is a mixed media artist who paints in oils and uses metal leaf, including gold leaf in his works.  He also paints on a variety of materials including metals that he treats with chemicals to bring out different patinas.  His works have been featured prominently here and you can see more of his work at his website.

Waiting For August

Lisa Cox

How long
Till the golden
Light of August
Once again washes
Over lush summer land
As all the season’s
Fruit come to fruition
And fall’s colors are previewed
In the golden long light
That lingers along
Every curve of apple
And turns unripend
Pumpkins slowly orange
While the smell of
Sweet basil calls for
Garlic from its hot
Summer bed next
To trailing beans
Climbing cornstalks
Whose buttery kernels
Beg to be roasted
And as the sun sets
Summer lingers and
Clings to skin browned
By long walks
Along bright beaches
Swept by brisk winds
The golden light of August
Cannot come soon
Enough for my eyes
Long for that soothing
Glow after scorching
Winter glares off
Barren snow banks
And they strain against
Spring’s cloud covered
Grey skies –
August cannot come
Soon enough


Appalachian Spring – Aaron Copeland

Performed by Sydney Camerata Chamber Orchestra at Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney

Spring with Paintings by Claude Monet

Spring Flowers, Oil painting by Claude Monet 1864
Spring Flowers, Oil painting by Claude Monet 1864

Welcome Spring

Be at peace with Spring
Summer’s ashes melt with snow
Bringing Spring’s new life

Lisa Cox

Balmorhea – Settler