All the Pretty Horses – Artwork by Léa Rivière

Le coursier de Neptune/ The Horse of Neptune by Léa Rivière
Le coursier de Neptune/ The Horse of Neptune by Léa Rivière

Léa Rivière is a French artist who uses a wide variety of mediums (oil, charcoal,pen and ink) to achieve an effect that is at once remote and aged and yet at the same time modern and contemporary.  Her work is full of symbolism using horses, fish, letter like shapes and people to evoke an imaginary world of a different age.  Her work is showed extensively, and  you can see more if it here, here, and at her webpage.

Horses on the Grass


From the tower window
the moon
draws a silver maple’s shadow
across a spangled lawn;
rear, manes lashing the air,
front legs floating.
                              Half monarch,
half shadow, the tree
aspires to the sky;
one branch, cracked by lightning,
scrapes the earth.
on the grass, bent twigs
are curved hooves, galloping
as the moon rises.
Divided it stands
in wholeness, mourning
its victories, praising
the god of trees, the king of horses.
The tree holds souls
in a bark prison
poised like a runner at the starting line—
and bolts free, wildly
pawing the ground those roots lie under.

Odetta All the Pretty Little Horses