Golden Light – Artwork by Steven DaLuz

"Traveler 2"  mixed media drawing on Innova smooth cotton paper by Steven DaLuz
“Traveler 2” mixed media drawing on Innova smooth cotton paper by Steven DaLuz


Steven DaLuz is a mixed media artist who paints in oils and uses metal leaf, including gold leaf in his works.  He also paints on a variety of materials including metals that he treats with chemicals to bring out different patinas.  His works have been featured prominently here and you can see more of his work at his website.

Waiting For August

Lisa Cox

How long
Till the golden
Light of August
Once again washes
Over lush summer land
As all the season’s
Fruit come to fruition
And fall’s colors are previewed
In the golden long light
That lingers along
Every curve of apple
And turns unripend
Pumpkins slowly orange
While the smell of
Sweet basil calls for
Garlic from its hot
Summer bed next
To trailing beans
Climbing cornstalks
Whose buttery kernels
Beg to be roasted
And as the sun sets
Summer lingers and
Clings to skin browned
By long walks
Along bright beaches
Swept by brisk winds
The golden light of August
Cannot come soon
Enough for my eyes
Long for that soothing
Glow after scorching
Winter glares off
Barren snow banks
And they strain against
Spring’s cloud covered
Grey skies –
August cannot come
Soon enough


Appalachian Spring – Aaron Copeland

Performed by Sydney Camerata Chamber Orchestra at Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney

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